Mediclaim Policy

6 Things you have to know about the Mediclaim Policy


Life is full of problems and uncertainties, sometimes resulting in medical emergencies. In today’s time, everyone needs an insurance policy that provides a wide array of benefits that are enough to meet their healthcare needs. Here comes the role of the Mediclaim Policy.

Investing in an insurance plan is a huge need to protect your present and future. If we talked about the Mediclaim policy, then there are some things by which you should be aware before investing money.

Further, we are going to tell you the top 6 things that you should know before investing money in the Mediclaim policy.

1. Documentation policy

When you buy the Mediclaim Policy, it is crucial to keep your all-important documents up-to-date. In the circumstances of this planned hospitalization, you must inform your insurance provider in advance and seek treatment authorization in advance.

2. Rules for NRI (Non-Resident Indians)

Indeed, non-resident Indians (NRI) are also able to invest in health insurance policies. They have to submit their residency proof along with the other documents to your insurer. The policyholder, even the NRI, gets the benefits to take the treatment and pay the premium according to the online term plans.

3. Stay with the current insurance providers 

Health insurance companies provide their customer’s rewards, bonuses, and free health checkups. You may also avail yourself of the other benefits from the insurance provider if you stay loyal to them for a long time.

4. Change of Hospitals

Some insurance providers permit you to change hospitals if you want to get better treatment services than earlier. It is possible when the third-party administrators approve your request under all the terms and conditions of the Mediclaim Plan.

5. Cashless facilities under Mediclaim Plan

Cashless Mediclaim facilities are also an essential feature of the Plan. You need to understand that the cashless claim will not be approved if you provide insufficient documents. To reduce the chance of this decline, choosing the hospital in the network preferred by the insurance provider is suggested.

6. Critical illness cover and Mediclaim

There is a difference between the critical illness cover and the Mediclaim plan. The Mediclaim policy gives coverage for hospitalization expenses, whereas critical illness covers illnesses such as heart attacks, cancer, strokes, and many more.

Many health insurance providers do not provide cover for critical illness, so it is suggested to check the critical illness cover at the time of investment in the Mediclaim Policy.


This article tells you about the 6 things that you must know about the Mediclaim Policy. All of us know that there is an extensive list of insurance plans. The Mediclaim policy is the Plan that provides the benefits to the policyholder to access the healthcare facilities without spending any penny from their pocket. Check out the above things and understand them before buying the Mediclaim policy.


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