Digital Marketing in the Spotlight

Digital Marketing in the Spotlight: How has the Pandemic Changed the Industry


The year 2020 was an extremely challenging and unpredictable year for everyone. Business owners were especially caught off guard as to how things had turned out. Due to social distancing and lockdown restrictions, many physical shops and stores were forced to shut down, either temporarily or permanently, while some chose to regroup and shift their attention towards operating online.

Because of this shift, the competition in the digital world became tougher. Businesses are eager to learn the different pros and cons of digital marketing. They’ve been very keen on finding new methods and strategies that will put them ahead of the game. With this sudden development, marketers are faced with the question of how this shift would affect the future of online marketing.

To find out more about this, we’ve listed down some of the most critical changes and new truths surrounding the industrypost-pandemic.

It’s All About Creating the Best Experiences

Before the pandemic hit, consumer behaviour had been in constant change. This is due to the fact that the world is shifting to a more digital and technologically advanced interface. Many are also attributing this change to Genzennials who are currently taking the lead in terms of integrating new technologies into their lives. In fact, there are a few brands that foresee that customers will soon demand more from companies.

This is how consumer expectations started evolving. When the coronavirus happened, the digital transformation we were experiencing accelerated overnight. Suddenly, people wanted more than just seamless transactions and they required businesses to give them more engaging and personalised experiences. The competition is no longer about who’s on the top of the search but which company can provide people with the best and most exceptional user experience.

That’s why companies started refocusing their efforts on bringing a high level of user experience to keep people interested and glued to their products or services. This trend, according to online marketers, will become the primary standard for online consumers. So if you want to stay on top at this point and time, you need to produce valuable experiences for your audience.

Your Marketing Approach Must Be Agile

COVID-19 has created a trend for marketing to adopt a nimble mentality. When a crisis unfolds, companies must quickly resolve and respond to it. In this methodology, detecting what or where the problem happened is one of the key factors in providing prompt solutions and adjustments.

In the past, big-named corporations used to thwart this type of marketing. However, as the world transforms into a social era, consumers demand a more honest and transparent response from brands. If you want to continue to remain on people’s radars for long and in the future, you need to have a more agile approach with your online marketing campaigns. This means you need to listen intently to what your audience wants, respond quickly to their demands, and adapt swiftly based on the current dynamics of the market.

Creating an Omnichannel Strategy

As consumers gain more access to various platforms and devices, it is no longer enough to focus your marketing strategy on a single channel. If you want to maintain a strong online presence, you need to stay visible where your audience is. If you see a strong potential market in social media platforms, then don’t hesitate to create your own page. Do you have highly responsive email subscribers? Then continue producing valuable and insightful newsletters for them. This is to keep them active and loyal to your brand.

One of the most common mistakes brands make is they try to build an online presence everywhere. While it can sometimes be a good strategy, the result might not be as fruitful. Omnichannel marketing would only work if you know and understand your audience enough. This will prevent you from wasting a valuable amount of time and resources. So just focus on where your brand will likely grow in reach and expand in value.

Covid 19 has brought many unexpected changes to the world, most especially to the digital marketing industry. Although the world is gradually recovering from the COVID-19 crisis, don’t expect that everything will return to the way it used to be. If there’s one thing we have learned from all that’s happened, it’s that disruptions will continue to come.

Online marketing might have become tougher and more competitive, but it’ll remain essential to businesses. Looking at the way things are right now, the industry will remain relevant and continue to grow.

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