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Australian TV Anchor Cheng Lei Reunites with Family After Over Three Years in Chinese Detention


In a significant development, Australian TV anchor Cheng Lei has been reunited with her family and returned to her home country, as confirmed by Australia’s Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. This remarkable turn of events comes after over three years of Cheng Lei’s detention in China on obscure espionage allegations.

Cheng Lei, a former business anchor for China’s state broadcaster CGTN and a mother of two, faced allegations of unlawfully disclosing state secrets abroad. This charge had the potential for a sentencing range of five years to life imprisonment.

Cheng’s ordeal began on the morning of August 13, 2020, as she was en route to work, and she was apprehended by China’s Ministry of State Security, as per her partner Nick Coyle. Throughout her three-year detention, Beijing refrained from disclosing specific details regarding the accusations against Cheng. Furthermore, BNN news today also highlights that the Chinese court repeatedly postponed the verdict, prolonging the uncertainty surrounding her case.

Cheng Lei’s Release: Legal Process in China Concluded

According to an Australian statement, Cheng’s release occurred following the fulfillment of the legal proceedings in China. Subsequently, China’s Ministry of State Security released its statement, confirming that Cheng had been deported on Wednesday after serving her sentence.

Navigating Diplomatic and Legal Challenges: Cheng Lei’s Case

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin conveyed that Chinese judicial authorities had adjudicated Cheng’s case, delivering a verdict in compliance with the law. He emphasized that her rights, including consular visits, had been “fully guaranteed. The detainment of Cheng had raised concerns within Australian authorities, particularly in light of suggestions by analysts that the strained relations between Canberra and Beijing might have played a role in the case against her.

Critics had also decried China’s secretive and closed-door court procedures during Cheng’s trial. China’s legal system is renowned for its opacity, with a conviction rate exceeding 99 percent. Notably, in March of the previous year, Australia’s ambassador to China had been denied entry to the commencement of Cheng’s trial in Beijing, an action he characterized as “deeply concerning.

Typically, cases tied to national security are conducted discreetly within China’s legal system. The opaque nature of Cheng’s case amid tense Sino-Australian relations sparked concerns that the charges may have political motives.

Cheng’s arrest led to the departure of two Australian journalists in China, who left the country due to national security-related questioning by authorities. This created a huge difference, and the presence of Australian media also created history.

The relations between the two nations have softened in recent times as trade has improved and a new Australian government has been established.

Throughout the majority of Cheng’s detention, apprehension regarding her well-being remained pervasive. In June of last year, Cheng’s partner, Nick Coyle, revealed to CNN affiliate Sky News Australia that she had encountered “challenging health issues” during her detention, compounded by an insufficient prison diet.

In a letter that emerged in May, Coyle conveyed Cheng’s isolation from the external world, describing six months during which her contact was limited to consular visits. These visits commenced each month with Cheng being led in, blindfolded, and handcuffed.

However, it’s noteworthy that since then, Cheng’s conditions have improved. She has been placed with other cellmates and now enjoys access to an outdoor courtyard for two hours daily.


Cheng Lei’s release set as BNN news today after a prolonged detention marked a significant development in a case that had raised concerns about her health and well-being. Her improved conditions and return to her family signal a positive outcome in a challenging situation.

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