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Does Your Horse Need A Fly Rug?


A fly horse rug is quite a common accessory for horses. If you are a new horse owner who has never invested in a fly rug, you might wonder whether your horse needs it. In this article, we discuss what a fly rug is, its benefits, and factors that will determine whether your horse indeed needs it or not. Let’s get started.

What is a fly rug?

The main purpose of a lightweight horse rug in the summer is to shield your horse from flies and other irritating insects. Whether they bite or not, flies and midges can cause your horse severe discomfort during the warmer months. The rug also protects the horse, especially those dark and brown, from the sun’s UV rays that could make them dry. The dark coats absorb the sun’s heat, making the horses more prone to overheating.

Benefits of using a fly rug on your horse

A helps keep your horse calmer during summer turnout and reduces frantic behavior like pacing or running the fence, which can cause damage or overheating. It also relieves your horse of the irritation caused by flies and other biting insects falling on them.

Weatherbeeta waterproof fly rugs can also aid in preventing bites from midges, flies, and other insects that can result in rashes, lumps, welts, and other irritating skin irritations. Certain insect bites may transmit diseases that could be detrimental to your horse. Your horse is less at risk if you use a fly rug.

A horsefly rug can also help block the UV rays from the sun. Most of these fly rugs now have SPF ratings, which helps prevent horses from overheating and causing damage to their coat and skin.

Factors that determine if your horse needs a fly rug


A lightweight horse rug can give your horse much-needed protection from biting insects if you live in a warm climate with many insects. Because summertime increases insect activity, a fly rug can be handy.

Turnout time

Your horse is more likely to come into contact with insects if left out in a pasture or field for extended periods. They can have extra protection during turnout with a fly rug.

Horse sensitivity

Different horses react differently to pest bites. A fly rug can shield your horse from skin irritations and allergic responses caused by insect bites if they are prone to these problems.

Health concerns

Insects can spread diseases like equine infectious anemia and the West Nile virus. If you reside in a region where these illnesses are common, a fly rug might lessen your horse’s chance of catching them.

Skin condition

Wearing a fly rug can aid horses with skin conditions like dermatitis or sweet itch by reducing the irritation caused by insect bites.

Your budget

Finally, your budget can also dictate whether you get your horse a fly rug or not. Weatherbeeta waterproof fly rugs come in varying prices depending on features and brand. Pay attention to your budget when deciding if a horse fly rug is necessary for your horse.

Wrapping up

Fly rugs help prevent bug bites on horses and related health hazards. When evaluating if your horse needs a fly rug, consider variables including climate, sensitivity of the horse, turnout time, health issues, behavior, skin condition, and your budget.

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