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Recruitment Agency Spotlight: Going Above And Beyond With Candidate


Finding the right candidate for a job can be a tricky process, but one recruitment agency in London is taking it to the next level. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at how they are going above and beyond when recruiting candidates, highlighting their practices and successes.

What’s a recruitment agency?

A recruitment agency is a company that helps businesses find employees. They typically work with companies to determine their staffing needs and then find candidates that are a good fit for the open positions. Recruitment agencies often have a database of candidates that they can search through when trying to fill a position.

Recruitment agencies usually charge companies a fee for their services. This fee is typically a percentage of the employee’s salary. For example, if an employee makes $50,000 per year, the recruitment agency may charge the company 5% or $2,500.

Why do you need a recruitment company?

There are several key reasons why you need a recruitment company. First and foremost, a recruitment company can help identify top talent for your organisation. With their extensive networks and access to databases of candidates, they can quickly find individuals with the right skills and experience for your open positions.

In addition, a recruitment company can provide valuable guidance throughout the hiring process. They can help you develop job descriptions, assess candidates, and negotiate salaries. This assistance can be especially helpful if you’re not familiar with the hiring process or don’t have time to dedicate to it.

Finally, working with a recruitment company can save you money in the long run. They can help you avoid bad hires by carefully vetting candidates upfront. And, if you do end up making a bad hire, most recruitment companies offer some type of guarantee that will cover the cost of replacement.

Overall, working with a recruitment company is beneficial for both employers and jobseekers. If you’re looking to save time and money while still finding the best possible candidates for your organisation, then partnering with a reputable agency is the way to go.

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Recruitment Company?

Candidates are the lifeblood of any recruitment company. Without them, there would be no business. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that you’re getting the best out of your recruitment company by providing them with everything they need to succeed.

The first step is to provide your recruitment company with a detailed job description. The more information they have about the role, the better they will be able to match you with the right candidates.

Next, make sure you keep in regular contact with your recruitment company. This will ensure that they are up-to-date on any changes to the role or requirements and can adjust their search accordingly.

Finally, be open to their suggestions. A good recruitment company will have a wealth of experience and knowledge about the industry and the job market. They will be able to offer valuable insights and suggestions that you may not have considered.

What’s a governance recruitment agency

A governance recruitment agency in London is a type of organisation that helps to recruit individuals for positions within a company or other organisation. This type of agency typically works with clients who are looking to fill senior-level positions within their company. The agency will work with the client to identify the specific skills and experience that the client is looking for in a candidate. Once the agency has a good understanding of the client’s needs, they will begin to search for candidates who match those criteria. The agency will then present a shortlist of candidates to the client for consideration. If the client decides to hire one of the candidates presented by the agency, the agency will receive a fee for their services.

What are the benefits of using a recruitment agency?

There are many benefits of using a recruitment agency when looking for a new job. One of the main benefits is that they can take care of all the initial screening and shortlisting of candidates for you. This can save you a lot of time and energy, as well as ensuring that only the best candidates are put forward for your role.

Another key benefit is that recruitment agencies have access to a wider pool of candidates than most companies. This means that you are more likely to find the right candidate for your role, as well as being able to compare different candidates side-by-side.

Finally, recruitment agencies can provide valuable support and advice throughout the hiring process. They can help you to negotiate salaries and contracts, as well as offer guidance on any legal or compliance issues.


Recruitment agencies have always played an important role in the job market. With Going Above And Beyond Candidates, it’s clear that this recruitment agency is setting a new standard for how candidates are treated and helped on their journey to finding the perfect job. From offering career advice to making sure each candidate gets personalised attention, this recruitment agency is going above and beyond to help its clients find success in their job search. If you’re looking for a reliable partner who puts your needs first, then Going Above And Beyond Candidates could be just right for you!

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