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Why is EB-5 the Best Visa Program for Indians?


Many Indian nationals prefer to go to the United States to live, work, and study. No visa pathway is better for Indians seeking to relocate to the U.S than an EB-5 visa. The EB-5 investor allows foreign investors, their spouses, and children under 21 years to become American residents and enjoy numerous benefits as Americans.  The EB-5 program allows foreigners to live their American dream while contributingto the U.S. economy through employmentgeneration.

The US EB-5 Immigrant Investor Programme requires a foreign national to invest in a new commercial enterprise associated with government-approved regional centres based to promote economic growth.

The EB-5 program requires an investor to invest a minimum of $1 million for a standard — a non-Targeted Employment Area (TEA) investment — and $500,000 for a TEA investment.

Benefits of EB-5 for Indians

  • An EB-5 program is an ideal option for Indian nationals planning a residency status in America
  • Unlike other immigrant visa pathways, the EB-5 visa does not require you to have a U.S. employer to act as a sponsor, nor does it require any specialized knowledge, skills, or experience.
  • The visa program is not restricted to foreign nationals from treaty countries.
  • Freedom to live and work anywhere in the United States
  • Access to high-quality education in the U.S
  • No need for an H1B visa for employment
  • Pathway to the U.S citizenship

The Demand for the EB-5 visa among Indians 

The EB-5 investment visa never fails to woo Indian nationals. According to a report by IIUSA, the demand for EB-5 programme in India increased by 400 per cent between 2016 and 2019. Moreover, Indians held the most number of EB-5 immigrant investor applications in 2019. In 2020, the demand for EB-5 visa amongst Indian nationals accounted for 17% of the total visas issued, which is an increase of 9% from 2019.

Indian investors are keen to ensure flexibility and financial protection to their families. They are constantly looking for opportunities abroad to secure a better life for their children and generations to come. The EB-5 program offers these investors an opportunity to invest in the United States, generate jobs, and ultimately secure a second passport. While the economic and political landscape continues to shift, the EB-5 program provides Indians an option to live a safe and secure life.

EB5 Investor Visa Process– Step by Step

  1. Find an EB-5 project based on the program’s requirements.
  2. Investment of Capital & Filing of I-526 application with USCIS.
  3. Apply for Adjustment of status (I-485 application) and DS 260 form.
  4. Get a two-year conditional Green card.
  5. Permanent residency & I-829 petition.

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