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Common Parts That Need Corrosion Protection Coatings



The most important parts of an automobile are its engine and transmission, which is why these should be the first items to receive a corrosion protection coating or a corrosion resistant spray when needed. However, any other part of the vehicle may require special attention as well. A restaurant that is prone to rust may need a coating applied to those pipes or wiring while an auto mechanic shop will typically coat the coolant lines in their cars. This article will give you information on what could possibly require such treatment so that you can take care of it in order to avoid leakages and potential vehicle failures later on.

What is Corrosion Protection Coatings?

The purpose of such coatings is to protect the metal objects inside your car or on its outside surface from harsh weather conditions that can lead to corrosion. These coatings are not as strong as regular paint, but still provide a layer of protection against rust and other damages that would be caused by corrosion.

Significance of Corrosion Protection Coatings:

Corrosion protection coatings are often known as rustproofers or car shields and essentially act as a thin layer of protection between an object and the outside elements. These coats are not thick enough to actually stop rust from happening, but they will protect it against oxidation and other forms of deterioration. There are different types of corrosion resistant spray that can be used on different parts of a vehicle. There is nickel-chromium car paint which is used on stainless steel parts to repel water, oil, dirt, and other debris from them.

Common Parts That Need Corrosion Protection Coatings :

The following are some of the common parts that you’ll need to get coated:

1) Engine Block: After a few years, the steel engine blocks will usually start to rust because of the constant exposure to moisture. The best option is to get them coated with a rust protection coating so that they can resist corrosion.

2) Transmission Lines : Whether it’s the brake lines or the fuel lines, both of these are extremely vulnerable to corrosion. More than likely, you would have seen these looking rusty on cars that have been driven around in areas where it’s humid while others will look good even after 10 years. The difference is that those with a protective coating will have far less corrosion and therefore less leaks.

3) Brake Lines: The brake lines of your vehicle are made of metal and will usually become rusty after a few years, especially if it’s left outside in the rain. The same thing applies to fuel lines as well: they are made of metal and thus need to be coated.

4) Wires: Those wires that used to be insulated with plastic will become covered with rust after some time, so it is best that they’re coated too.

5) Cooling System Lines : Whether they’re the radiator hose or the water pump hoses, these lines have a tendency to rust because their metal components are exposed to moisture and other elements in the air where they reside.

6) Radiator Hoses : Even though the radiator hoses are made of plastic, they still need a bit of corrosion protection to keep them from getting damaged in the long run.

7) Brake Pads : Many people forget to protect their brake pads from rusting, which is why many will start seeing rust on them after a certain amount of years.


No matter what part of the car requires protection, it is important to get them coated with a corrosion resistant spray as soon as you realize they need it. The best part is that this is an affordable endeavor that can save you tons of money and headaches in the future. Corrosion protection coatings are a common sight in auto repair places. You’ll be able to find them at most supermarkets and other local stores so that it’s convenient to get them when needed.

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