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Bottled water is one of the most widely consumed beverages in today’s society, with consumption likely to grow. While it’s a convenient and easy way for consumers to stay hydrated, it also has the disadvantage of being expensive and environmentally unfriendly.

The cost of advertising bottled water brands has grown dramatically in recent years increasing the profits of water bottlers, even to the point where some are distributing free bottles, funded by advertising revenue.

However, with so many different companies producing bottled water and so much competition between them, it’s essential that they’re able to stand out from the rest. A significant way of achieving this is by branding their bottles with eye-catching labels which capture the attention of consumers and make them want to buy it.

Some research suggests that people are more likely to remember a product if it’s labelled using colour. Yellow is a particularly effective colour for drawing attention as it stimulates both the mind and body and stands out against most other colours.

What are Water Bottle Labels?

Water bottle labels are decorated prints that are designed to label and decorate the plastic and glass bottles that water comes in.

Bottle label makers are used primarily to promote a brand, with designs often being based on the product itself rather than on the company behind it. The design may be relatively simple or more creative depending on the company’s values and wishes.

Bottle label maker includes a variety of different components including images, logos, text, and colours. Although it’s not essential for the label to contain all of these elements, they’re frequently included as part of a successful design.

Why Have Water Bottle Labels?

The primary objective of having water bottle labels is to increase sales through promoting a product or brand name.

While the labels are only temporary, they can make an impression on consumers and convince them to purchase the product. Furthermore, it’s estimated that the message a bottle label sends is often more important than the design itself.

The bottles in which a product is packaged can have an impact on its sales as well. If they’re attractive or unusual, consumers are more likely to buy them because they make them look better than other brands of water.

Water bottle labels can also help to increase brand recognition so that people know what kind of water it is and how good it tastes. On average, people will generally prefer one brand over any other with over 80% of bottled water drinkers claiming that their preference for bottled water is based upon taste alone.

However, if they’re not told what brand they’re drinking, most consumers would rather have a water bottle of their usual brand than purchase a new one.

A large number of consumers are also more likely to choose a bottled water that interests them because it has eye-catching labels.

Benefits of designing Water Bottle Labels:

  1. Once you have your label, you’ll increase your brand awareness and drive sales through an effective marketing plan.
  2. Your label will also help consumers to easily recognize and identify your brand from packaging in stores or on the shelf.
  3. A great label will make it easier for consumers to pick out your product on the shelf, stand out and get noticed by their target market, which will ultimately lead to a higher rate of purchase and increased revenue for your business.

Label Template Ideas:

  1. Use crowd-drawing images, such as people or characters, cause people to remember an image more easily than words or text alone.
  2. The colour of your label will also play an important role in how easy or difficult it will be for consumers to pick up, identify and remember your product.
  3. Use vivid colours, such as greens, blues and yellows to maximise the eye-catching effect of your label and drive sales.
  4. If you are starting a new brand for carbonated beverages, shoot for the stars on a bright yellow background with a striking image on the front of your label which can draw instant attention from consumers.
  5. If you are starting a new brand for non-carbonated beverages, such as juice or water, choose to use a bright colour such as yellow on a plain white background.
  6. Include important information such as the ingredients, nutritional value and contact details on the label so that consumers are kept informed and aware of your product.
  7. Test out different labels to determine which ones generate higher rates of purchase and more revenue for your business.


After reading this article, you should have a clearer idea of what bottle label makers are and why they are a crucial marketing tool for attracting sales and increasing profits.

In addition to the above benefits, a great label can also help you save money by increasing the amount of time it takes to move product from your warehouse to retail stores, which can be especially valuable if you have large quantities of certain products in stock.

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