Which invoicing software for your small business?


Indispensable and mandatory task (legally speaking), invoicing could be done with a simple Excel document but from January 1, 2018 this practice will be illegal.

In 2020, all companies in France, large or small, will be equipped with software for issuing invoices (According to the decree of March 22, 2017). Indeed, since 2012, the State has imposed the dematerialization of invoices.

Since that date, suppliers have been able to send their invoices without going through the “paper / envelope” box. A real gain for the company, you don’t have to wait any longer to equip yourself.

The great difficulty then consists in choosing the software that will allow you to optimize your costs, make your task easier and evolve at the same time as your activity. A brief overview of the main invoicing software for TPE.


Invoicing software for TPE can do everything: mailing , customer relationship management, expense and revenue recording, sales journal, cash journal, dashboard , accounting, etc. But these items are not essential. On the other hand, billing software must allow:

To create and save customers to be able to quickly create documents;
To create document templates, always to be able to quickly create a document;
Create quotes and invoices (and ideally purchase orders);
Manage VAT (and different VAT rates);
To create its own units;
Automatically number invoices (from a legal point of view, invoice numbers must follow each other, without gaps!).
A timetable has already been put in place by the State for the application of the decree:

We have compiled a list of some software that meets these requirements, secure software satisfying the conditions of inalterability, security, conservation and archiving of data.


Henri: It is the choice of Henriri is probably the most successful free invoicing software on the market. It is the result of 25 years of research and development by Rivalis, n°1 in business management in France. We were able to use this free management software. It has many advantages, immediate handling and assistance features integrated into its free version: automated reminders, alerts, etc. It is dedicated to business creators as well as companies with up to 20 employees (TPE-PME). Henrri is scalable and works by modules that the user can add. Many modules are free and some are paid in an even more advanced version of the software. First use the free version, which meets the essential needs of the manager: make quotes, invoice, follow up with customers, reporting and dashboard, etc. The Henriri software has been available since July 2017.
As of January 1, 2018, in the event of failure to use invoicing software, the amount of the fine is set at €7,500 and the business manager has 60 days to comply with the VAT anti-fraud law. To learn more, click here.


Use Henrri , the most advanced FREE invoicing software on the market that meets the new legislation. (originally intended mainly for autoentrepreneurs): from… €0! The free version allows you to manage up to 10 customers but only €2,000 billing over 12 months. The paid version costs €3/month and offers the basics of invoicing software , plus some statistics. (TPE version of Monae): also from €0 and €4.5/month for the paid version. Matpe offers all the basic services of invoicing software and allows, with the Gold option at an additional €3.5/month, to store supporting documents in the Cloud (1TB) and to synchronize data with Google Drive or Dropbox.
Ciel counted : from €9/month. Installed on your workstation, the Ciel compta software is easy to use and allows you to create quotes and invoices very simply, like transforming a quote into an invoice. It also allows you to send your VAT declaration, created automatically, directly. It also offers a dashboard allowing you to view turnover, overdue invoices, etc. at a glance.
Sage One Quote – Invoices : from €10/month. Also installed on your workstation, Sage One offers essentially the same functionalities as Ciel compta. The €15/month version also allows you to track your cash flow, income and expenses and to synchronize the software with your bank accounts.

Sellsy : more expensive (from €35/month), Sellsy is SaaS software, that is to say completely online and installed on a remote server. More than a simple invoicing software, it is a base that can become a real CRM, a customer relationship management and accounting tool. It integrates a multitude of modules ranging from stock management to expense reports, including emailing, collaborative diaries, etc.
Incwo : from €19/month, also provides access to various complementary applications as needed.
This list is obviously non-exhaustive and incomplete, but it briefly presents the main invoicing software used today by VSEs. You choose.

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