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Should you invest in cryptocurrency?


I heard about investing in crypto-currencies and minerals (buying a product like tungsten, cobalt, which we will resell 1 or 2 years later, when the price is interesting. The product being stored in a free port, the sale will be exempt from capital gains).

If not, what short- or medium-term investments do you think are profitable?

Being self-employed (therefore TNS), my income is variable (around 25 K? this year).

I had bought a rental residence (De Robien tax exemption) which I sold last year, without making any real profit. Rental real estate is exhausting , as all the landlords I know will tell you (tenants who destroy, do not pay and are insolvent….).

Life insurance is not an investment that interests me.

Thank you for your question. It is very interesting and, I assure you, you are not the only one to ask yourself this. Because when the booklets no longer bring in anything , when the yields of euro life insurance funds drop each year, when real estate is more and more restrictive (and more and more taxed, thank you Macron), how to find the right solutions investments?

Are cryptocurrencies or minerals an alternative solution? I don’t believe it, because I don’t consider cryptocurrencies or the purchase of minerals as an “investment”, rather they are “speculative instruments” . It can pay off, butit’s so risky that you can’t invest a significant part of your assets there.

As a reminder, here is what I wrote in my book about cryptocurrencies:

“I have no opinion on virtual currencies. I am torn between those, like Jamie Dimon the boss of the very famous American bank JP Morgan who think it’s the scam of the century and those who think that the virtual currencies will replace traditional currencies, fiat currencies. It’s a complex subject. But a subject that has become unavoidable. The delirious fluctuations of bitcoin, the most famous of crypto currencies, often make the headlines of financial news and we cannot ignore this major innovation in the world of money.

You have to be interested in the subject. Virtual currencies will one day become real instruments of exchange and payment. But no one knows which currency will still exist in a few years and what it will look like. As long as no regulation exists on the market, I do not recommend an uninformed investor to buy it. This is not an investment, but pure speculation without any rational basis. As in any speculation, a bubble can form and when the bubble bursts the damage is colossal. So we observe. But we don’t touch. For the moment. “

In 2017, the price of bitcoin increased 20 times. But it has halved since the start of the year and honestly, no one knows where it is going.

Regarding investment in minerals, this also seems very speculative to me. Here again, even if prices can actually rise, the risk seems too great to me and we only recommend investing a marginal part of your assets in these products.

But then, what are the most attractive investment solutions today?

Like many French people, I still believe in stone: rental property investment. But I 100% agree with you when you say that classic rental investment is exhausting and can create a lot of problems: Maintenance, work, charges,
Fortunately , there are solutions for investing in real estate without management worries , and benefiting from always attractive returns. I give you two:

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